Umemiya-san until the end of the actor soul, twice cancer surgery hidden recording

Actor Tatsuo Umemiya [Tatsuo Umemiya] is dead at 7:40 am on December 12 at a hospital in Kanagawa due to chronic renal failure.

81 years old. Entered the entertainment world as Toei New Face and became a star on the actual track such as the movie “Battle Without Hitoshi”. He experienced 6 degrees of cancer and was showing his soul in the drama scene until October this year. A burial is held on the 14th. The mourner is undecided. The farewell party is under consideration by the affiliated office. His daughter, talent Umemiya Anna [47] and wife Claudia [75], were active in a wide range.


On the same day, an official from the office responded to the interview at a facility in Tokyo where Mr. Umemiya was kept. Mr. Umemiya, who had been performing dialysis every other day since March this year, had undergone dialysis at the hospital the day before his death. Mr. Umemiya said he was tired and took a nap at the hospital for about an hour, but after returning to his home in Manazuru, Kanagawa, he said he had a backache and fell asleep on the couch after 5pm. . Mr. Claudia noticed the incident around 3am on the 12th. There was no Umemiya-san's pulse, and he was transported to a hospital in Kanagawa.

Anna, who received a sudden change, left her home in the morning and arrived at the hospital around 7am. It was said that she had taken resuscitation measures until Anna arrived, and Umemiya-san took her breath forty minutes after being surrounded by Claudia, Anna, and her grandchildren. Mr. Umemiya said that he had a peaceful expression to sleep, and Mr. Claudia said to his husband, "You have a good face."

Anna worked hard during the day, but at night she snuggled up to her father at a facility in Tokyo where the body was kept. On the 14th of tomorrow, a close burial will be held by relatives in a metropolitan area.

According to officials, Umemiya-san recently said, “I want to go fishing on Kumejima”, “Sorry that the famous actor has died,” etc. It was said that he was deceived. "I was able to get a young person who didn't know me about the old days through the program. I'm grateful to Hama-chan," he said.

The strong consciousness as an actor who gave top priority to standing on the scene was alive until the end. Mr. Umemiya has been fighting cancer, including having testicular cancer in his mid-30s. She recently underwent surgery for prostate cancer in September last year and ureteral cancer in January this year. I suffered from 6 degrees of cancer, but overcame each time.

The last job was on October 17th, recording the TV Asahi series “Time of Peace-Road” [Mon-Friday at 0:30 pm]. Umemiya-san is the father of the main character who plays Koji Ishizaka and plays the role of a ghost. After returning to the drama for the first time in 1 year and 10 months, I received a request from Mr. Satoshi Tomokuramoto, who was in charge of the script. About cancer from last year to this year, I announced it after surgery. The name of the disease is known because he was worried that it would be difficult for him to play a hard role or that he would be removed from casting.

It was also called by my junior students as “My brother” and “Tacchan”. The appearance of Anna ’s companionship in a parent-child confrontation became a good news story for the media, but she continued to respond without being fleeed. After drawing attention to his sweet mask with sharp eyes and powerful action, he tightened his work with a cool supporting role. Another big star left the entertainment world.

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