Unauthorized use with "docomo account". Bank of China, Bank of China, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank users caution | AppBank

Docomo account]And the combination of specific banks are causing damage due to illegal use.

Unauthorized deposit withdrawal from a third party

There is damage caused by unauthorized withdrawal of deposits from a "docomo account" opened by a third party.

The victims are the depositors of 77 Bank in Miyagi Prefecture, Bank of China in Okayama Prefecture, and Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank in Gifu Prefecture.

A third party who obtained the depositor's information by some method opens an account under that name using "docomo account". After that, it seems that withdrawals were made by linking the accounts of each bank.

If you have an account with 77 Bank, Chugoku Bank, or Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, please be careful not to have your debit executed under the name "docomokouza".

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