Unauthorized withdrawal from Japan Post Bank account, discovered by PayPay, Kyash, LINE Pay

Japan Post Bank has suspended new account registrations and transfers [charges] to eight payment companies in connection with fraudulent withdrawals through bank account linkage, which originated from "docomo accounts".Announcement.. In addition, payment service companies announced the status of fraudulent use of Japan Post Bank accounts.

PayPay found 17 damages

PayPay announced on September 15 that there were 17 cases of fraudulent use in Japan Post Bank accounts in the eight months from January 2020. The amount of damage is 1,415,141 yen, and it is said that it will be covered by the full compensation system that the company started in August, and some victims have already been fully compensated.

The company introduced "Easy Confirmation [eKYC]" to register necessary information such as documents and a photo of the person in PayPay in addition to the identity verification on the financial institution side when registering the financial institution account. In September, it expanded to Japan Post Bank, and it is said that unauthorized use has not occurred since its introduction.

With PayPay, new account registration and charging at Japan Post Bank will be suspended from 9:00 on September 16th. In addition, nine banks, Oita Bank, Kita Nihon Bank, Shiga Bank, Sendai Bank, Daiko Bank, Chukyo Bank, Tottori Bank, Nagano Bank, and Hokuyo Bank, will also suspend new account registration and charge from their accounts.

Kyash has 3 cases at Japan Post Bank and 1 case at AEON Bank

Also, on the same day, Kyash announced that Japan Post Bank had 3 cases [230,000 yen in total] and AEON Bank had 1 case [300,000 yen]. According to the company, a third party registers the relevant account based on the illegally acquired account information and personal information. We conclude that the withdrawal was made from the account to the Kyash account. Kyash has stopped new registrations and charges for both banks. Unauthorized use will be fully compensated in consultation with each bank.

LINE Pay is "withdrawal by a person close to the victim"

On the other hand, LINE Pay is different from the two companies mentioned above. So far, two cases of fraudulent use have been discovered in Japan Post Bank accounts, and the total damage amounted to 498,000 yen. The company will also suspend new registration and charging of Japan Post Bank accounts after 8:55 on September 16.

However, unlike the methods used in the DoCoMo account and the two services, one case has been found to be "due to a withdrawal by a person close to the victim." Although another case is under investigation, it is highly likely that it is the same method, and it is considered that a third party did not illegally charge the LINE Pay account by linking the Japan Post Bank account.

Japan Post Bank has stopped registering new accounts and charging. In addition to docomo accounts and Kyash, PayPay, and LINE Pay, there are 10 services: payment secretary, PayB, PayPal, Melpay, Yumeka, and Rakuten Edy. In both cases, two-factor authentication has not been introduced, and they will do their utmost to introduce two-factor authentication.

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