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Under development of folding iPhone that can not be creased or wrinkled? Apple patented-Engadget Japan

While the Android camp has rolled out folding smartphones one after another, there has been no evidence of any commercialization of folding iPhones.

Meanwhile, Apple has patented a mechanism that prevents wrinkles from forming or breaking when the folding display is folded. The patent was approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on April 4 and is entitled "Electronics with Flexible Displays and Hinges." At the core of this patent is a unique hinge (folding hinge) mechanism. One of the main points is that the hinge allows the housing at the bottom of the display to be divided into two parts: top and bottom or left and right.

The advantage of splitting into two is that it does not overload the bend when folded, thus preventing folds. The two housings unfold and can be bent gently without breaking the display at right angles.
However, this method creates a gap between the housing and the display in the center. Therefore, when the device is deployed, the retractable flap extends inside to support the display. This minimizes the possibility that the screen will be misaligned when pressed with a finger or that the display will be fatigued by its own weight.

Pioneering products of folding smartphones, such as Samsung's Galaxy Fold and Huawei's Mate X, can cause noticeable wrinkles on the display. Motorola's Razr tries to avoid this problem with its unique hinge design, but it still gets creasedReported.

Large tech companies such as Apple have filed and applied for many patents every week, of which only a fraction have been commercialized. This patent may end at the research and development or idea stage.

However, the companyPatent that heats the folded part and makes it easy to bendApplication orPatented to bend at multiple locationsIt shows the high interest in "folding". Next to the flagship model iPhone 12 (provisional) series, which is expected to appear this fall, something may jump out soon.

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