Unhealthy Naoki Matayoshi returns to the stage 全 All denial from idol

Peace's Naoki Matayoshi (39), a comedy combination who missed the event on the 15th due to poor physical condition, appeared on the 18th at the performance of "Celebro-san" by Lumine the Yoshimoto in Shinjuku, Tokyo. "Cerebro" means brain in Spanish.

At the MC of Panther Kei Mukai (34), he challenged a new laugh with Kendo Kobayashi (47), Jaljar, Junpei Goto (35), and Buffalo Goro Wakatake Motohiro (49). In addition, members of the female idol group READY TO KISS denied the concept of cuteness and uttered “I have to reconsider this year ’s plan”.

Matayoshi was absent from the overwhelming fever at the movie "Joker" Blu-ray & DVD release / digital distribution commemoration event on the 15th. I updated Twitter on the 17th and apologized, "I'm sorry for the worries" and said, "I was sick, but I'm getting back to a safe place. Thank you very much. "

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