Unify blackness!再 Repaint the resin system of Soarer engine room with black! | 85 Toyota Soarer 3.0GT Limited リ Vol.3

Thoroughly polished, assembled and refreshed.
It is not the only feature of this Soarer that the Solex is combined with the 6M model on the superb body. The highlight is the engine room itself.

First, the eye catch is the head cover painted blue, but as if it fits here, the plug cord and hose fittings are unified in blue.

Reducing the number of colors in the engine room and unifying the colors are the basics of creating a clean engine room, but there is still more secret that the engine room of this Soarer, which does not have an unsightly custom flavor, looks so beautiful. Was.

All casual parts, such as fan shrouds and battery catches, are repainted in black to unify the black shine.

The fact that all the materials in the engine room radiated their original shine without deterioration produced the total beauty of the engine room.

ク リ ー ン This 200,000 km drive, a clean atmosphere unlike any car from 20 years ago, cannot be realized overnight. It's a struggle between the owner and the shop, who "have shared values."

Blue head and Solex cab. When you open the engine room, there is an unusual aura.

Fuel regulator and oil catch tank installed behind the right light. You will be caught by the beautiful handling of piping.

Equipped with Kameari full tra kit and reinforced coil. Even if you take one bracket of these parts, you can see the beautiful finish.

Moderately low down with stock strut breaker harmonic drive. For the BBS RS wheel, the disc was used as it was at the time, and the outer and inner rims were replaced to make the car wider by "rebarrel". The size of the front 8J and rear 9J is an original only for this car.

It is a car that is so beautiful that it is unlikely that it ran 200,000 km. The Soarer emblem is as beautiful as a new car.

Nostalgic SPEED vol.003 March 2014 issue [all the contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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