Unintentional location data collection with iPhone 11 Pro, Apple explains why

”" IPhone "continues to measure the owner's whereabouts even if the location information service is stopped, but Apple has revealed on December 3 that the function is limited. In order to comply with the regulations of some countries that prohibit the use of ultra-wideband [UWB] technology, iOS will detect the presence of a device in a restricted location and stop functioning.

Patent illustration

Apple has patented technology that uses UBW to detect and unlock the car
Provided by: Apple via US PTO; Stephen Shankland / CNET

ソ フ ト ウ ェ ア Because the software installed on the iPhone processes the user's location information on the terminal side, Apple does not collect or store data.

An Apple spokesperson said in a statement: “IOS uses location services to determine if there is an iPhone in a regulated location and disables UWB to comply with the regulation.”

】 This comment is available even if the location information request is turned off in the application or system service settings."IPhone 11 Pro" tries to collect location information intermittentlyI received an article from KrebsOnSecurity. Countries banning this technology include Argentina, Paraguay, and Indonesia.AppleAccording to the technology, it has been approved in more than 185 countries.

The UWB itself is a function that focuses on position detection. Because it is more accurate than GPS and faster than Bluetooth, it can pinpoint the location of an object such as a terminal. In the future, it may help find a key or automatically unlock the car when approaching with a terminal.

This feature is already on the iPhone 11, but not all available applications have been realized.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleEdited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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