Uniqlo and u,4 October from all stores in the shopping bag charge plan to reduce

At 18 October,under the umbrella of Uniqlo and GU[U] domestic All stores in the 4 months since the shopping bag charge announced.

【Here】Uniqlo,Ginza, Tokyo to one of Japan’s largest store,2020 spring to

Plastic by in order to reduce the environmental loads in the plastic shopping bag of paper more and more people are switching to them. Domestic all of the stores paper shopping bag is introduced to the prospect, and the degree of charge in the future. My bag to bring for shopping, the bag itself reduction also in the company.

Paper shopping bag,4 on 1 November from domestic all the stores in 1 piece flat rate of 10 yen[excluding tax] sold. Environmentally friendly, the Environmental, from the point of view of a properly managed raw material in manufactured to indicate the FSC certified paper or recycled paper is used.

Uniqlo and the Manager of each store at the same time the original eco-bags sold,my bag used as as customers to to call. Uniqlo’s original eco-bag M size and L size of 2 kinds,each 190 yen [excluding tax].

Light in 2019, 7 month disposable plastic use of reduction concerning a group policy for. To build sustainable businesses what does this mean for me, in 2020 China to overseas, including the group of the entire store to the customer, handed to disposable plastic 85% reduction goal come.

Along this policy,each country successively with a plastic shopping bag to the abolition had been. Some of the goods of plastic package discontinued,2020 autumn / winter season heating system, as well as alternative materials used for the package switched to Planned.

Disposable plastic to reduce movement, such as Europe center around the world is growing. “Environmental considerations”in the management emphasis of the area as one of the listed funds, the disposable plastic reduction and resources for proper use to tackle this in the consumer appeal to an aim.

Domestic supermarkets such as in plastic bags for a fee of stores increases, some of the apparel shops in the shopping bag charge for the movement of coming out. The decision of this movement will accelerate,which is increasingly in the spotlight. [Article: million Shima from・The article list to look at]

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