Uniqlo,a plastic shopping bag discontinued 9 months from the paper to the group worldwide 3500 in stores

Uniqlo and the other apparel brands and operating 3 days, plastic shopping bags 9 months from paper and switch to this species. In addition, product packages such as used disposable plastic LMS, such as the 2020 medium for over-the-counter to consumers at hand over the disposable plastic packaging of 85%to reduce the plan.

【Here】Fujitsu, in-house pet bottle beverage total elimination of marine plastic litter to reduce

Paper shopping bag is FSC certified[forest certification]received recycled paper using environmentally friendly in the world, 12 countries and regions operating in the Uniqlo store, such as in 9 months from switching. In Europe, Uniqlo etc are already made of paper shopping bags have introduced in the store, 9 months onward,environmentally-friendly switch to proceed.

Light the paper, including resources to better use the shopping bag itself a reduction of the amount of planning, and 9 months from both domestic and foreign in the store eco-bag to sell. From the eco-bag use and promote, the domestic’s in store for 2020 1 month from the shopping bag charge,1 piece excl Tax 10 yen. In Europe and North America, Korea and other overseas 16 countries and regions’s stores,9 on from the shopping bag charge to switch on.

In addition, Uniqlo Room Shoes, such as some commodity,2019 autumn winter season from the plastic packages abolish, in addition to HEATTECH, such as the inner kind, such as used in plastic packages, paper as an alternative material to switch to consider. In the world to provide consumers with shopping bags Uniqlo only in the annual number of billion copies, but in light of these measures, disposable plastic reduction is about 7,800 tons on that.

Plastic litter by marine pollution is the international interest in the call, it has become the apparel industry in a disposable plastic of the abolition movement is accelerating. Sweden-headquartered H&M and Spain’s Zara, and Japan all stores in a plastic shopping bag to paper switch to that. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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