Univ of graphene, a new synthesis method development and application to hydrogen at the same time generate

Graphene, called Carbon is the material of the next generation, as a material in various fields for the practical application of research is advancing. However, the synthesis method is chemical vapor deposition [CVD]and silicon carbide [SiC] decomposition method was limited to. Tohoku University research group of 10, the graphene according to the synthesis to be successful and announced.

【Here】Water-containing biomass solar concentration Technology,University of Tsukuba

The conventional synthesis method or a CVD method or the SiC decomposition method is of high temperature thermal energy need was a problem. The Tohoku University Research Group thermal energy in addition to electrical energy along with the synthetic use of the”hydrothermal electrolytic method for use of the”tried. The hydrothermal electrolytic method at the low crystallinity carbon material can be synthesized and is known for graphene synthesis example was not reported.

A relatively low temperature in highly crystalline graphene, in order to obtain the research group”subcritical water”as a solvent that approach. “Subcritical water”is a critical point and low temperature, under pressure of condition water of the normal temperature and pressure of water than a large amount of ions including. Therefore, the electrochemical reaction promoting solvent as useful.

Subcritical water in acetic acid is electrolyzed with platinum electrodes on graphene have been synthesized and by an electron microscope observation confirmed. In a similar manner,the acetic acid other organic substances, for example formic acid and ethanol, methanol such as from the graphene synthesis can be performed as well.

A further important point, as the graphene synthesis and at the same time the evolution of hydrogen can be mentioned. Therefore, the graphene by the production of a valuable energy source and that hydrogen may be taken out to. In the future biomass fuel or natural gas, from high-performance carbon-and hydrogen energy at a low cost immobilization means.

The spread of renewable energy, such as the SDGs move towards the need for this research is one of his major contributions can be expected.

The outcome of this research is 11 month 18 date in Carbon magazine online edition published in.

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