University Grade 3 五月病 parental contact with those who are?

University of 五月病 speaking,major holidays, the classes absent or unwell, complained that refers to. This is the University 3 a different characteristic tendency appears for the first time. Their looking to break out of the people and, as early as in confidence without motivation ebbs as people after all.

【Here】Corona under the influence of job-hunting life, how to move from

Course University 3 all here’s what I’m doing now,some of the students limited to the actual selection process begins, it will just reset it and work hard you can most of the students, the big worry is that I think not. But,the individual from the painful feeling is felt, it can,as the guardian of this period students understand the feeling of,preferably in contact with people you know and also.

■University 3 from to start job hunting

Today, the University of Grade 3 and at the same time the job search begins visiting Lahu race PU-erh Hunter in Da Xue Shan So, the school year started early in the University career hope study has been started, the major video sites summer internship towards the registration begins from here. However, taking into account the circumstances many universities in the authentic do the job hunting for 4 months from done. Specifically, corporate research and entry writing,interview preparation, etc.

These support the activities of self-analysis there. Self-analysis of their pros and cons and reconfirmed at the same time, the entry sheet is always that question, one of the”student strength”that helps to organize the selection of employment,enterprise selection when required.

■3rd grade and feel the stress and pressure

In Japan after the Pacific War for a long time,the lifetime employment system has become well established. It is located here, but the employment of liquidity and inhibits the company. Employment of immobilization and building practices, students from the working people and for lost employment opportunities to a lot of life left to it.

It is a one-time opportunity at a good company, stable company do you want to get back into the that is also not unnatural. But,the students in unison so as to act as a result,every year major banks and major trading companies such as the recruiting planned number of dozens of times a hundred times more than entry.

This trend is a 3rd year summer internship is also seen. Students interested in a major in TV and other media seen or heard by a company tend to concentrate on it.

As a result, the popularity of the companies screening on the first pass, trying to wisely self-promotion based on them will. Besides,”I put the power of this”writing practice is for you. This is roughly 4 months from 5 months to done.

Students in every era,projecting the experience of the person who is a handful, but not, in anyway, stand out content to write your sentences in your makeup to begin practicing. At this time, yourself in particular should be evaluated point is not found and felt the student, some, strong anxiety and feel to.

■Blue Bird syndrome of the reserve forces

Students apply for companies,as mentioned above is the leading name for many companies in……. Also,such companies can pass the and not necessarily the students were also aware.

Therefore, in the second-tier companies and SMEs companies in the studies, all what you have to work from. Their is there any to work from. And image but not for the other, and your company will definitely find you,and the Blue Bird syndrome of the reserve that fall into a state of students by a certain percentage always do.

■Parents know”Johari Window”

Chart[1], psychology and Career Education in the subjects used,”Johari Window”as a mindset. About myself,I know, I know, others know, others do not know,the 4 combination of analysis techniques.

For example, A you about your strengths,A you are not aware but teachers and friends are aware that this is a”blind spot”window of the said area as well.

So, parents and everyone to remember that”unknown”is. Adults can learn from everyone’s experience I think it will work, etc,ever and no interest if the experience is not like this,surprisingly good can noble you. At that time ourselves,”unknown”was noticed there.

Unknown from,and to my mind not at all. As the students life experience is not shallow, know that a few of these,most do not know their own to challenge them? And so the encouragement to have hope. [Article: Inagawa 海豹・The article list to look at]

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