UNIZO HD by the employee and their acquisition(EBO)to completion is a privately held company in

Stock scramble the whereabouts of the has been noted jowa Holdings [UNIZO HD] is 22 days,the employee by the buyback fit[EBO]of the policy is decided,from the 24th to 2020 2 November 4 deadline to 1 share 5,100-yen stock buying began.

7 months of HIS by TOB to showcase began in the stock scramble is a domestic listed company for the first time with round one, the one First settled was to be. EOB after the private company,all Directors have to resign.

The public purchase of the Joint・Venture [Ltd.] website access to investment. Unison group of employees of investment to set up[stock] is 73%, the US investment company loan・star is a 27%stake,was established.

UNIZO HD is set up by the investment, the EOB agreed to as a reason for[1] buying price 5,100 yen shareholders the most advantageous price, and[2] the company as the current form can be maintained,[3] the loan・star group from funds and Japanese real estate business expertise, and network provide the CITES.

Also, the loan・star hotel・in the warehouse of the trading relationship,more than once of the buying public with the suggestion that there was, the company and the employees and talks to all the direction is matched to the background and history explaining.

UNIZO HD for is HIS by the TOB for the White Knight, as the Softbank system rice investment Fund, the form of the stress appeared. In addition to Blackstone for domestic and foreign companies in the name of the sponsor and has been for UNIZO HD this channel is access to investment and deal with the”all discussions to terminate”and all that.

UNIZO HD in 1959,Daisho as a real estate company. U.S. rental of office and 3 brand business hotel in the deployment of growth in 2009, TSE 2nd section listed on,11 in 1 unit change. 19 years 3 Months Ended Consolidated sales 560 billion yen, employees 390 people. The real estate sector holdings number of properties[19 years 4 end of month]domestic and 68 building・overseas 11 building a total of 79 buildings. The hotel is planning the development of 8 stores with the addition of 32 stores.

Enployee Buy-Out of substantially. Employees by the buyback fit in,with a capital of less to small businesses, many like this Listed company is exceptional. From the outside of the takeover countermeasures as implemented for EOB after its conclusion, the private company that the case is ordinary. [Article: the clear・The article list to look at]

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