Unusual wellness products found at CES–robo delivering paper to toilet

We have long known that the CES 2020 showroom will showcase many new and interesting products in the health and wellness field. Nevertheless, I didn't expect to find interesting products like robots that would bring toilet paper in case of trouble, or wearables that could literally insert your own DNA samples. In this article, we introduce four weird wellness products we have found so far.


Courtesy of Katie Collins / CNET

Charmin's RollBot


Provided by: Charmin

This product that Charmin has rolled out [maybe you can see it] might be the most amazing surprise gadget at CES 2020 so far. You no longer need to run out of toilet paper and text, call, or shout your roommates downstairs. RollBot brings new toilet paper to the toilet. Of course, RollBot needs to be connected to a smartphone.

Charmin's "SmellSense"


Provided by: ZDNet

経 験 Have you ever been hesitant to enter the bathroom a few minutes after your lover or family got out of the bathroom? In addition to RollBot, Charmin seems to have developed products that address common toilet needs. SmellSense tells you if it's safe to enter the bathroom or if you should wait a little longer to avoid nausea.



Provided by: Angela Lang / CNET

Public opinion [and science] says that brushing should be done for at least 2 minutes. But with Y-Brush, you can brush all your teeth in just 10 seconds. We saw the product for the first time at CES 2019, but at CES 2020 it was announced that this magical dental care product is now available for purchase. Y-Brush looks like a sports mouth guard and covers all teeth with a nylon brush. To brush your teeth, just apply toothpaste and turn on the power.



For those who care about how certain foods affect their bodies, DnaNudge can be a good news. DnaNudge is a wearable that tells you what to eat and what not to eat based on DNA samples taken from the inside of your cheek. When you hold it over a food barcode, the band's light flashes green, orange, or red, depending on your body's response to the food.

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