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Up to 3300 yen off coupon available! Popular "Lepow mobile monitor" for working from home

Shenzhen Lepow Creative Technology Co., Ltd is holding a campaign to get up to 3300 yen off the compact mobile monitor "Lepow Portable Monitor" that allows you to build a dual display environment anytime, anywhere just by connecting to a computer or smartphone.

■ Build a dual display environment with a simple connection

The Lepow mobile monitor was developed with the concept of "building a dual display environment with simple connections", focusing on the expansion of new work styles that suit individual lifestyles. The appeal of this product is that it is compact but has various functions up to resolution.

It is equipped with both a USB Type-C terminal and a Mini HDMI terminal, and is compatible with various models from personal computers to game consoles. The screen uses an IPS panel with excellent color expression, and with a wide viewing angle of 178 °, you can make the most of high image quality.

There are two types, a "normal version" and a "wider color gamut version", and the wider color gamut version has improved sRGB coverage, providing a more vivid and untouched video experience. Will do it.
Weighing only 730 g and easy to carry, this product provides full support for business trips and remote work.



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