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Up to 65W with "2C1A". 26400mAh High Performance Mobile Battery from AUKEY-Engadget Japan

In 2020, a mobile battery with a high output and a USB Type-C shift that makes you wonder how much you have been stepping up to here. This is especially noticeable for large capacity types, where the output is easy to increase by design.

Models that follow such trends have emerged from China's AUKEY, which is known for various smartphone accessories.

The model name is "PB-Y24". The maximum output is 65W, the terminal configuration is USB Type-C x 2 + Type-A x 1 [so-called "C2A1"], which is the level required for future mobile batteries.

The capacity is 26800mAh. It is 99.16Wh, which is one of the most popular capacity grades because it is the limit of carry-on in the airplane [100Wh or less].

The price is 12,880 yen, which is expensive compared to the previous company's product, but of course this is due to the size of the output as a mobile battery. As with the Omnia series of ultra-compact USB AC adapters, it is positioned as a high-end model for heavy users, which was not prioritized in the past.


The feature is the size of the output introduced at the beginning. The value of 65W is the level at which a relatively high-performance mobile notebook PC such as a 13-inch MacBook Pro can be charged at the highest speed. Also, many of the recent lightweight mobile notebooks have an AC adapter attached to the main body of 45W, but for such models, it is a calculation that can cover the output of the AC adapter or more even though it is a mobile battery.

In addition to USB PD 3.0, Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 is also supported as an output specification [a product that violates the USB PD specification if strictly judged].

Note that the output will drop when using multiple ports together. The output of 65W is for Type-C x 1 system, and when using 2 systems, the maximum of one is 45W.

In addition, there is a further limitation when using USB Type-A at the same time. According to the explanation on the AUKEY side, "When using USB-C output and USB output at the same time, the total output is 18W. Maximum output from separate ports is 15W." "There is a sentence [probably, it will be 15W x 3 = 45W].

It is also equipped with a "low current mode" for devices that are becoming a trend these days and that are difficult to charge unless the output is small [the protection circuit on the device side may malfunction]. It is possible to charge smart watches and wireless earphones with a low output of 5V / 60mA or less.


And another characteristic USB terminal is two USB Type-C and one Type-A. Unusual for mobile batteries [and likely to increase in the future], the "more Type-C" configuration.

The combination of current and voltage on the Type-C side [when one unit is connected] is 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 3A, 15V / 3A, 20V / 3.25A. One of the USB Type-C is also used as an input and supports up to 45W [15V / 3A or 20V / 2.25A] as an input.

Since the Type-A side is compatible with QC 3.0, it will be 5V-6V / 3A, 6V-9V / 2A, 9V-12V / 1.5A.


The main body size is 86 x 164 x 30 mm [width x height x thickness] in a vertically long state, and the weight is 595 g. The weight is particularly heavy for the 26800mAh class these days, probably because of the size of the output and the terminal configuration, but this is a trade-off with the ease of use.


In this way, the PB-Y24 is a large-capacity mobile battery that can be called as a standard specification for future heavy users, adopting a maximum output of 65 W and a "2C1A" USB terminal configuration, which is still rare on the commercial level.

It is a pity that 65W output is only at 1 port, it is a heavy weight in the mobile battery of the same class as 590g, and [at least at the time of announcement] it is a price that does not seem to be AUKEY product, Considering that "It is possible to output simultaneously to a 45W notebook PC and an 18W smartphone" even when outputting two USB Type-C units, it should be possible to meet considerable needs.

In terms of usability, it seems to be one of the products that represent the large-capacity mobile battery of 2020. sales page


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