Update au "Galaxy Note9, S9 +, S9" to Android 10

Updates to update the OS to Android 10 have begun on Samsung's Samsung Galaxy Note9 [SCV40], Galaxy S9 + [SCV39], and Galaxy S9 [SCV38] smartphones.

  • Galaxy Note9 [SCV40]Midnight black

  • Galaxy S9 + [SCV39]Midnight black

  • Galaxy S9 [SCV38]Titanium gray

The main changes due to the update to Android 10 are as follows.

  • Added notification about "Android settings"
  • Camera function user interface change
  • App folder redesign
  • Separated "Wallpaper" from "Wallpaper and Theme" function [displayed just below the settings]
  • Deleted "Android Beam" on "NFC / Osaifu-Keitai Settings" screen [integrated with "Reader / Write, P2P ON / OFF" function]

Updates are performed when the device is fully charged, and a Wi-Fi environment is recommended. Estimated update file size and update time [Wi-Fi environment] for each device are as follows. Detail isau websitechecking

  • Galaxy Note9 [SCV40]: About 2.1GB, about 20 minutes
  • Galaxy S9 + [SCV39]: About 2.0GB, about 20 minutes
  • Galaxy S9 [SCV38]: About 2.0GB, about 20 minutes

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