US-China trade talks are the 2nd phase from the

*21:38JST U.S.-China trade talks are the 2nd phase from the
According to reports, the United States and China are part of tariff and this month 15 days of additional tariff imposition in the postponement agreement is reached. China in 2020 and 500 billion dollars worth of agricultural products to buy also. The market said,”15 days have been scheduled in China additional tariff imposition is avoided”and the view of many seems,unpredictable force. Trump President Phase 1 of the trade agreement[the agreement]approved the additional tariff imposition is avoided.

However, the bilateral trade problem of all to solve, a Trump presidency is”China pledges to comply with it, the United States is the original tariff re-run”and have warned. US-China trade talks about a”Phase 2″,”Stage 3″consensus building for the work to continue it, and in the U.S. the two countries are unresolved issues about the compromise in order to find some level of consultation continue to be expected. 《MK》

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