US Disney, Eiger CEO replacement @ 15 years

Media and entertainment giant Walt Disney announced on Tuesday that Robert Eiger, chairman and CEO, has retired as CEO, and Bob Chapek, chairman of Theme Parks, has been promoted to CEO. The top management change is in about 15 years. Eiger will continue as chairman until the end of December next year.

“ It's the best time to move to the new CEO, '' said Eiger in a statement, stating that integration with the flat-rate video distribution service launched in the United States and other countries last November and the entertainment department of the acquired 21st Century Fox is on track. "

Chapek was involved in the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, the first time in mainland China in 2016.

Eiger has acquired Pixar Animation Studios, the creator of Toy Story, known for its aggressive acquisition strategy, and Lucasfilm, a popular movie series Star Wars. [Joint]

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