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US FDA bans fruit-mint flavored cartridge-type electronic cigarettes. Stopping teens in fashion-Engadget Japan

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FDA bans fruit and mint flavored e-cigarette cartridges in order to curb e-cigarette use by teenagers and suspends production, distribution and sales within 30 days He warned that in the case of double times, there was a risk of enforcement measures. However, this measure only applies to cartridge-type e-cigarettes, and cigarette-flavored and menthol-flavored cartridges will continue to be licensed for sale. The FDA says that the ban will keep e-cigarettes as “ potential exits for adults who have used tobacco to quit '' rather than becoming “ entrances to nicotine addiction for teenagers '', He describes the current spread of e-cigarettes among young people as a "crisis" and will continue to "monitor the situation and take additional measures as necessary."

He also said he was prepared to actively pursue lawsuits against those involved in the manufacture and sale of unauthorized products, and said he would “ prioritize law enforcement '' to illegal businesses targeting young people. Shows posture.

However, this policy, which seems to be a far more advanced measure, is limited to cartridge-type electronic cigarettes with fruit mint flavor, and is handled in tobacco flavor, menthol flavor, stores targeting adult smokers, etc. Does not apply to large devices. The Associated Press said the new policy would maintain most of the multi-billion dollar e-cigarette market, a huge victory for thousands of e-cigarette retailers, and was immediately noticed by those who did not support e-cigarettes. Reported that there was a voice of criticism.

U.S. Congress recently raised the age limit for all tobacco products, including traditional and e-cigarettes, to 21 years or olderPassed the bill. This is expected to take effect during 2020.2019 surveyAccording to the report, there are more than 5 million cartridge-based e-cigarette users among high school students in the United States, many of whom prefer fruit and mint flavors. Also,Over 2000 people affectedLung disease that killed 54 peopleSubstances contained in liquidWas caused in connection withUS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Points out.


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