US Rifle Association reports that “ bullets and survival goods '' are selling with the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic


US Rifle Association reports that “ bullets and survival goods '' are selling with the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic

A group of gun manufacturers and lovers of guns, also known as one of America's leading pressure groupsNational Rifle AssociationHowever, a new coronavirus is causing special demand not only for masks, disinfectants, and toilet paper but also for ammunition and survival products, according to the public relations magazine American Rifleman.

American Rifleman | Coronavirus Fears Spur Sales of Ammo & Survival Gear

Sell ​​firearms and ammunition onlineWidener ’s Reloading & Shooting SupplyReported that its site traffic increased 99.7% and sales nearly doubled between February 23 and 25. Significant increase in firearms and ammunition sales is not limited to online, with stores in North CarolinaMoney Quick Pawn and GunsReported that handgun and rifle ammunition sales have increased significantly over the past few months, with sales in February particularly record.

Regarding the surge in demand for ammunition, Jacob Long of Widener's Reloading & Shooting Supply said, "It's clear that many customers want to prepare for the worst scenarios. Is included. " According to Danny Garcia of Money Quick Pawn and Guns, “ When asked what the purpose is, many customers are2020 United States Presidential ElectionFor the primaries for. "

On the other hand, demand for non-ammunitionBrownellsReports. At Brownells, sales of emergency food and survival goods have increased significantly more than sales of ammunition.

In response to the expected shortage of ammunition due to such a surge in demand for ammunition, American Rifleman said,Sandy Hook Elementary School shootingUnlike the case of the tightening of gun regulations, which started in the beginning, the manufacturing industry forecasts the surge in demand and the supply is sufficient. " "We have enough stock to fill the shelves and storage rooms. We also place pre-orders to keep the supply of ammunition uninterrupted," said Ryan Repp of Brownells, "a problem with stock of ammunition and emergency supplies. There is no. "

Widener's Reloading & Shooting Supply also reported that orders from Michigan were up 566% across the United States. Following Michigan, Connecticut (up 390%), Florida (up 383%), Kentucky (up 304%) and New Jersey (up 241%) are the regions with the highest orders.

It seems that this special demand is not limited to specific firearms and ammunition, but Widener's Reloading & Shooting Supply is among them.223 Remington round,5.56x45mm NATO shellReported that sales increased by 2036%. on the other hand,.45 ACP shellIs 295%9x19mm parabellum bulletWas a 210% increase.

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