US Space Force Hires Horse


US Space Force Hires Horses

US Space ForceAnnounced on July 23, 2020 that it has hired a new horse named "Ghost".

US Space Force hires a horse to boldly go where rockets can't. (The beach) | Live Science

The Space Force Has a Space Horse | Vandenberg Air Force Base

Officially launched in December 2019, the U.S. Space Force is the first army established in the United States for the first time in 72 years since the creation of the U.S. Air Force in 1947. The U.S. Space Force aims atMaintaining superiority in spaceIt has a satellite jamming system that can interfere with the function of artificial satellites as an attack weapon.

The U.S. Space Force's first attack weapon is a satellite jamming system against hostile forces-GIGAZINE

by Airman 1st Class Andrew Bertain

The US Space Force has hired a new military horse named "Ghost". Ghost isAshige(Ashige) 5-year-old horse,MustangIt is a horse that was owned by the US Department of Home Affairs, Land Management Bureau.

Ghost's mission is not to fight in space, but to monitor intruders on Earth. Ghost isVandenberg Air Force BaseWe plan to take part in the "Military Horse Conservation Program," which will be carried out by Patrol on the site of the base.

Below is a movie of Vandenberg Air Force Base explaining the military horse conservation program.

The only Working Horse Program in the U.S. Air Force-YouTube


Vandenberg Air Force Base is the fifth largest air force base in the United States, with a vast area of ​​99,600 acres (approximately 400 square kilometers). Located in southwestern California, the base is on the shore and…

It has various topography such as forests.

Not only are 15 endangered species inhabiting the site, but there are more than 1600 prehistoric archaeological materials and 26 Cold War complex facilities. The four horses employed in the main task are to control poaching and poaching and monitor cultural properties. In addition, it seems that she sometimes participates in ceremonies. Only Vandenberg Air Force Base employs military horses in the United States.

Military horses are excellent for moving in high-altitude areas where it is difficult to patrol by car,All-terrain vehicleIt has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly than it is.

Ghost will participate as a military horse in the US Space Force in the above military horse conservation program. At the end of July 2020, he said he was in the training period before working full-time, so he was working at a pace of 3 days a week.

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