US Stocks Outlook: the financial sector’s performance to the attention

*19:26JST US Stocks Outlook: the financial sector’s performance to the attention

S&P500 futures 3291.12[-1.33] [18:50 currently] NASDAQ 100 futures 9090.00[-1.63] [18:50 currently]

18: 50 p.m. at the time of the Vex US stock futures market, the S&P500 futures and NASDAQ 100 futures Koyasu strong. DJIA futures 10 dollar remained at. European stocks and after-hours trading in New York crude oil futures also weak sentiment for 14 days US stock market is selling the predecessor a long way to go to do it.

US-China trade talks the leaders of the 15th to the 1st stage of signing the agreement to prospect in the market to buy a sense of security is easy to spread. Rice Trump the regime of China 為替操作 the country certified to the exclusion,U.S.-China trade normalization to the observations of the risk off mood continued as. However, the US-China agreement signature is woven into the fabric of possibility, and a new higher stock prices induce the material to become so.

Today announced that the U.S. Consumer Price Index [CPI] from the previous improvement is expected,the Federal Reserve [FED]this year,the policy rate unchanged at the prospect of the feet of the bull market to squeeze the material is not. On the other hand, JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup as the financial sector’s improved performance is shown if the stock prices of suppressing the prospects. 《TY》

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