Use "+ ○" with iOS 13 photo app

If you use an iPhone, the amount of battery power and storage space will gradually decrease. The number of apps will increase, but in terms of numbers, photos are by far the best. Since shooting frequency is much higher than video, managing large numbers of photos efficiently is a big challenge for iPhone users.

The iOS 13 "Photos" app has changed the way of classification from the abstract criteria such as "moment" and "collection" to the clear criteria of "day", "month", and "year". When selecting the album tab, tap “ Monthly '' that appears at the bottom of the screen to sort photos by month, tap “ Yearly '' to sort photos by year, and one photo that represents the month / year (by AI function) Automatically selected) will be used as thumbnails. By tapping the “Yearly” thumbnail, you can drill down to “Monthly” by tapping the “Monthly” thumbnail, or “Daily” by tapping the “Monthly” thumbnail.

There are also small ideas. Unlike “ Yearly '' and “ Monthly '', where you can drill down from year to month and month to day each time you tap, “ Daily '' has no way to dig further, tapping it will display the photo alone, Let's pay attention to the lower right corner of the thumbnail displayed separately. If you have taken a lot of photos, you should see numbers such as “+9”.

This number means the remaining number of photos taken that day (or several days) that are not displayed. This is because iOS 13's photo app has some photos that cannot be selected because of AI's ability to narrow down the photos displayed as thumbnails.

To view photos that are not displayed as thumbnails, tap the “+ ○”. Then, the display mode is changed to “All Photos”, and a large number of photos with the same date (or the most recent date if not) are displayed in the center. The tap of “ + ○ '' is simple and convenient, so why not try it once?

Easy explanation of operation procedures

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    1 The iOS 13 photo app offers display modes such as "Yearly" and "Monthly"

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    2 When “Date” is selected as the display mode, the number of photos not displayed as thumbnails is displayed as “+ ○”

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    Three Tap “+ ○” to see photos close to that date in “All Photos” mode

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