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Use Bose Frames Alto with built-in speaker sunglasses for one month to review, explore everyday use-Engadget Japan version


Bose Wireless Audio Sunglasses “Bose Frames Alto” ​​released in October 2019 [direct sales price 27,500 yen]. A small speaker is embedded in the temple [the vine of the glasses]. It looks completely sunglasses, and you don't even know where the sound comes from.

When you try it on, you can hear the sound properly, but it's sunglasses, and it doesn't block your ears so you can hear the outside sound as it is … interesting! So, I borrowed it from the manufacturer and used it for one month.


It wasn't enough to just rejoice "funny and interesting", but I was worried that "Kore, where is the correct answer for everyday use?" It's the best gadget party item. Everyone is curious. But I want to play an active part in my daily life.

After trying this, I decided to use it for myself. I was worried about the most useful audio device I have ever encountered.

Easy connection
The operation itself is simple. Press the golden button on the right side of the temple to pair with your smartphone. The procedure around this is the same as for wireless earphones. As with other BOSE products, management is done through the app "Bose Connect".

To turn it off, remove it and turn the sunglasses upside down to automatically disconnect the smartphone. Convenient!

Use a special adapter for charging. The power turns on automatically when the main unit is removed from the adapter. This is also convenient!

Soft and gentle sound quality

The sound is very good considering that it comes out of a small fingernail-sized speaker.

I don't feel the fancy seasoning like "a powerful low tone! A sharp high tone!", But the sound spread is natural. I feel that the sound is coming not only from my ears but also from the back of my head and shoulders.

When the sound is actually heard in the back of the head, I get sloppy, but Bose Frames Alto was fine. You can enjoy the gentle comfort of being wrapped in a soft sound dome. This was an experience never experienced with earphones.

Not for train use

Well, about the important use. This is a device that you should keep in mind that it's not an earphone.

I thought that using Bose Frames Alto while traveling by train or airplane was difficult except for those with a strong heart. This is because the sound leaks brilliantly. Or rather, it's not "sound leakage." In the first place, there is a very small speaker in the vine of the glasses, and the sound is sounding from there, so anything leaking is "the sound is coming out from the small speaker properly".

Think of it as your very own mini portable speaker. You will not be heard by others at a radius of about 1 meter.

Successful situations

So when should you use it?場合 In my case, "outdoor walk" and "when silently operating a PC indoors" were convenient.

At first about "outdoor walk". This was as expected. The sound of the car and the voice of the bird can be heard because the ears are not blocked. It is an image that adds one layer of music to your world. Therefore, it is also useful as an AR device, but this will be described later.

And "when we operate PC silently indoors". If you increase the brightness of your PC and use Bose Frames Alto while listening to music, you will get a lot better. You can focus only on the PC monitor. Also, it didn't get as crisp as headphones, so it didn't cut off anyone in the same room, so it was just right. Your ears are easy too.

What is the function and appearance of sunglasses?
I think it looks like a design with the greatest common divisor. Design that can be used everyday. The color of the glass is not black, not too thin but not too strong. The glasses case is designed to be usable regardless of gender, and it has a good touch, is sturdy, light and easy to use.

Regarding the size, the width is small enough to leave no mark on the nose or temple with a standard female face. If you have ordinary sunglasses, you can adjust the fit by spreading or narrowing the vine, but I think that it is a size that fits everyone, because it can not do it.

The lens cuts 99% of UV A and B waves. Simple sunglasses, not polarized lenses. Because it is drip-proof [IPX2], it is not suitable for swimming or walking in a heavy rain. It's a town use specialty.

▲ The round “Bose Frames Rondo” recently released is also retro and cute.

ARWhat is your role as a deviceYou can expect it in the future! ?

You can add one layer of sound without interrupting your normal hearing, carry it outside, and when you actually use it, I strongly feel the potential as an “AR device”. There is a DL link to the BOSE AR compatible application on the management application BOSE CONNECT.

However, because there are few apps that can be downloaded in Japan or that can be used even if they can be downloaded, the AR function could not be used at all.

But you can easily understand your ambitions. For example, directions.

Engadget▲ If you support BOSE AR, you can connect the app and Bose Frames Alto like this.

The direction of the pointer on the map changes according to the direction of the head of the user wearing sunglasses and headphones, not the movement of the smartphone. It seems that you can get more natural directions.

However, when I think, "Do you wear sunglasses at night?" I wish a day / night type lens …

I tried a workout system, but I couldn't understand the necessity of doing muscle training with sunglasses at all, so I couldn't use it. Regrettable.

Since it is a BOSE-like audio device packed with ambition and comfort, such as the natural sound and BOSE AR, we expect that its applications will expand further in the future.

Finally, it is extra. If you use a sound reverberation app with Bose Frames Alto, you will enter into an unexperienced world without jokes. If you are interested, please try it.


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