Use of NTC is limited to top athletes to prevent corona infection

The Japan Olympic Committee [JOC] will hold a standing committee for athletes headquarters on the 2nd, and will be limited to the top athletes in the representative candidate class of the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] until the end of September regarding the use of the Ajinomoto National Training Center in Kita-ku, Tokyo. I confirmed to do.

The reason is the prevention of new coronavirus infection. Junior players and practice partners cannot be used. The number of people will be adjusted while taking into consideration the availability of accommodations within the facility.

The National Training Center, which was closed due to the spread of the new coronavirus, resumed limited use on May 27. Currently, the competition groups are gradually starting activities such as training camps.

On this day, 107 people were confirmed to have become infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo, the highest number after the declaration of emergency. There are concerns that it will continue to increase. "We have to be very cautious and work on infection prevention," said Obi athlete strengthening general manager.

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