Use the LINE stamp to arrange fun photos of your smartphone

LINE stamps have a wide lineup of cute and unique items. Did you know that this stamp can also be used for image processing?

You can send the processed image to a talk, post it on the timeline, or communicate more happily than just showing a photo. Furthermore, if you save the images on your smartphone, you can post them on other social networks. You can use deco characters in the iOS version. Now let's explain how to process LINE stamps on images with LINE.

How can I use LINE stamps for image processing?

To use the LINE stamp for image processing, edit the image in the LINE talk room or timeline. In addition to LINE stamps and LINE creators stamps,LINE stamp premiumPremium stamps can also be used if you subscribe to. Please note that some stamps cannot be used.

Also, LINE pictograms and deco characters can be used for processing, but only a part of the pictograms can be used in the Android version.

  • Select the image you want to process in the talk room or timeline post screen

  • Tap the stamp button on the image editing screen

  • The stamps that can be used for processing are displayed from the stamps you have installed. Tap the stamp you want to process

  • Placed in the image. Use two fingers to zoom in and out, change the angle, etc.

  • Tap "Emoji" from the bottom menu on the stamp list screen to open the Emoji palette. For iOS, select the emoji type from the menu at the top. Tap the letters you want to process and place them one by one

  • When finished, tap the send or post button. If you want to save, tap the save button

  • Sent to the other party

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