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Use the "thumbnail" to share the session efficiently! : IPhone Tips-Engadget Japan Version


After taking a screenshot on your iPhone, you may want to share it with someone immediately without having to do any processing. Especially when you use it in a business scene or shoot a lot, you want to share it as quickly as possible.

In some cases, you can use certain methods to skip the markup screen and share the screenshot. This time, I will show you how.

Long press on thumbnail

If you want to share your screenshot in the traditional way, you need to go through the "Markup" screen. There are various "markup tools" in "Markup", so you can enjoy painting and cut out unnecessary parts.

This is a very useful function, but it is not necessary if you want to share screenshots faster without any processing.

screenshot"Markup" screen displayed when you tap the thumbnail of. Many people rushed to tap the "Share" icon and accidentally tap the "Trash" icon on the left

If you do not want to display this "markup" screen and want to switch to the image sharing screen immediately, take a screenshot and hold down the thumbnail that appears. The sharing screen will appear, allowing you to share and save with someone in the app.

screenshotLong press on the thumbnail displayed when you took a photo [left]. The sharing screen is displayed [right]

If you want to process it, tap the "x" on the right to return to the thumbnail screen. As usual, one-tap on a thumbnail to display the “Markup” screen.

▲ To display the "Markup" screen, tap "x" to return to the thumbnail screen

I often use this feature because I often mistakenly press the "Share" and "Trash" icons on the "Markup" screen. Not only those who want to share quickly, but also those who are worried about tap mistakes like me, please use this feature.


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