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Use the "zoom" function to check parts that are invisible even when pinched in! : IPhone Tips-Engadget Japan Version

iPhone TipsWhen you're looking at a web page or a photo, pinching in on the screen may not always reveal all the details. In such a case, use the "zoom" function of the iPhone. Even apps and screens that cannot be pinched normally can be enlarged [forced].

Turn on features with accessibility

Zoom is one of the accessibility features. Go to "Accessibility" and "Zoom" from the settings, then tap "Zoom function" to turn it on. The feature is now on.

For the actual zoom operation, double-tap the screen with three fingers. To move the screen, drag with three fingers. Double tap once more to end zooming.

iPhone Tips
Open "Settings", go to "Accessibility" [left], and tap "Zoom" [middle]. Turn on "Zoom function" [right]

iPhone Tips
▲ Double-tap with three fingers to zoom. Use three fingers to move screens and exit functions

Controller is convenient

However, operation with three fingers is not easy. In such a case, "zoom controller" is convenient. There are more steps than with three fingers, but you can easily operate with a single tap.

iPhone Tips
▲ Tap "Zoom controller" on the "Zoom function" screen [left]. Select "Show Controller" to display the controller [right]

A menu appears when you tap the controller. In addition to "zoom in", the display becomes zoomed, and "select filter" switches to reverse display or gray scale display. Move the slider left or right to change the zoom magnification freely.

iPhone Tips
▲ A menu appears when you tap the controller. You can enlarge / reduce and change the zoom magnification. Tap "Select Filter" [left] to select "Invert" or "Grayscale" [right]

If you can't see the controller, try changing colors. You can choose your favorite from all 6 colors.

iPhone Tips
▲ Tap "Color" on the "Zoom controller" screen [left]. When you select a color, the color of the controller changes [right]


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