Useful tips for remote work-how to make paperless anything on iPad

Nowadays, the number of people who use iPad in the business scene has increased. He / she plays an active part in various scenes in remote work. Here are some tips to help you go paperless if you don't have a printer at home.

Quickly write any file with Apple Pencil

iPadOS has a function that allows you to write a screenshot of the displayed screen by flicking inward from the lower corner with Apple Pencil. It can be easily written using markup tools and saved as a photo or PDF.

  • Flick iPad screen from corner to inside with Apple Pencil

  • A markup tool will appear, allowing you to write screenshots with Apple Pencil

  • Send by email or message from "Share". Or you can tap "Done" to save it as an image file in "Photos" or "Files"

As long as it can be viewed on the iPad, you can easily write and share proofreads regardless of the original file format. Why don't you use it for checking documents in the team?

Long pages into one PDF

Long webpage proofreading is a bit of a problem with the writing method. Therefore, it is recommended to convert one PDF from top to bottom on iPad. It is also possible to trim only the necessary parts.

  • Open the web page in Safari, use the Apple Pencil as described above to take a screenshot → Tap on “ Full page '' when the markup screen is displayed

  • To cut out only the necessary part, tap the trimming tool at the top left → Enter the trimming area inside the frame and tap “ Done ''

  • Write with the markup tool, tap "Share" as in the previous example and send. Or tap Done to save to File

Also, if you use this function in "Memo" or "Pages", you can convert all pages to PDF at once.

  • If you make the page file "full screen" by the above procedure, you can convert all pages to PDF

"Adobe Acrobat" for fine proofreading

The markup tool is ideal for writing correction instructions by hand, but is not suitable for large text input such as correcting or changing long sentences.

In such a case, save in PDF format andAdobe Acrobat ReaderIt is convenient to use the proofing tool.

  • Open "Adobe Acrobat Reader" and log in with your Adobe ID. It is possible to link cloud storage such as Dropbox. Also open the "Files" app from "Other Locations"

  • After opening the PDF, tap the edit button at the bottom right → tap “Annotation”

  • An annotation tool appears at the top. Markers and strikethroughs can be added to the text on the document and the correction can be entered in the comment field. It is also possible to write freehand or paste comments at any position. Comments can be listed with the button at the top right

  • By tapping "Share", you can share the file with the invited person on Adobe cloud, which is convenient for checking by multiple people

Use iPad to make remote work more efficient with paperless and file sharing.

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