Ushio,20 year 3 month term forecast a downward revision to the corona effect in the sales of projects next year off

■Sales is 6. A decrease of 1%, Net Profit 38. 1% reduction

Ushio Inc[6925]is 27 days when after 20 years, 3 months ending full-year consolidated earnings forecasts downward revision to the announcement. Net sales initial forecast of 1,700 billion yen from 8. 8%, a decrease of 1,550 billion yen [year-on-year 6. 1% decrease], operating income of 100 billion yen from 40% to 60 billion yen [the same 29. 6%decrease], and net income of 115 billion yen from 39. 1%, a decrease of 70 billion yen [the same 38. 1% decrease] and.

【Here】Strike,9~FY2 forecasts upward for the full year is a new Corona account deferred

The new corona virus infection [COVID-19]the influence of China for the stretched out video-related market, the business environment is worsening. Other semiconductor and electronic components and flat panel display market,customer plant outages and the immigration movement restrictions by the acceptance work flow, and we expected sales in the next fiscal year and beyond will be delayed for a downward revision in the future.

■Industrial lamp in the world top optical device manufacturers

In 1964 after the establishment, the”light”to the possibility of focusing on business expansion by Ushio. World to play, and semiconductor manufacturing UV lamps and the liquid crystal panel bonding equipment, panel light, cleaning equipment, etc. of the world to win the majority of, such as the global optical equipment manufacturers to grow.

Overseas sales ratio is 78. 1% of the world’s leading company in the Hence,this corona virus due to the global economic stagnation of results and impact was dressed.

■The equity ratio is 71. 3% and the financial aspect is good

20 years 3 months ended 3Q at the time of the consolidated balance sheet, according to Ushio’s capital adequacy ratio is 71. 3% and a good financial situation. The balance of interest-bearing debt 197 billion 8,900 million yen, while cash and deposits 680 billion 900 million yen and short-sighted financial for anxiety thin it would be.

Global corona is affected by a virus on strong in China for the manufacturing of trend is Ushio’s performance right from the background,continue to be uncertain there is no doubt. However, 20 years and 3 months in Japan service started and next-generation telecommunications standards”5G”, in relation to the projection exposure apparatus of a sale is increased.

For 21 years and 3 months, the semiconductor market conditions are expected to recover during the corona virus affects Ushio’s business performance the impact on the watch and would need. [Article: 拓蔵・The article list to look at]

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