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Using Amazon Smart Plug to control outlets with voice-Engadget Japan version

I actually tried using the genuine smart plug "Amazon Smart Plug" that Amazon released in Japan.

"Amazon Smart Plug" is a smart plug that can be turned on/off through voice operation of Amazon Alexa by biting it between a general outlet and electrical appliances. The price is 1980 yen [tax included]. Detail isArticle at the time of presentationPlease refer to the.

The first thing I was interested in was the size. Amazon called it "compact" at the time of its announcement, but the honest impression is that it is surprisingly large. Compared with the charging adapter included with the iPhone, you can see its size.

If you are using multi-tap etc., it may block the adjacent outlet, so it may be necessary to devise the arrangement etc.

Setting up was easy. Just open the Alexa app on your smartphone, scan the QR code on the back, and plug the Amazon Smart Plug into a power outlet.

There is no need to read the instruction manual as it can be set up only by the procedure displayed on the smartphone. If you had set up the Alexa app in advance, setting up this product was easy in about 2 minutes.

The author decided to use this smart plug for smart desk lighting. The desk lighting at my home does not support Wi-Fi, let alone infrared, and it is usually not possible to support smart home.

However, if you use this smart plug, you can control the power supply of the power supply, so there is an advantage that you can easily make electrical appliances smart that control ON / OFF with physical buttons.

Please note that electronic products that use electronic control cannot be operated by voice even if you bite this smart plug.

When you actually use it, you can turn on or off the indirect lighting just by saying “Alexa, turn on [turn off] the light”. I found it useful when you want to make the room a little brighter in the middle of the night.

The setting up to this point took less than 10 minutes, although I had already set up the Alexa app. Since it is as easy as 1980 yen, it seems that users who have already introduced Alexa compatible smart speakers etc. may consider purchasing to make their house smarter.


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