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"Utilizing the latest technology" unmanned ramen shop opens at JR Shibuya Station Yamanote Line home-Engadget Japan version

"Unmanned ramen shop" will open for a limited time from February 14 to 28 on the Yamanote Line outside platform at JR Shibuya Station.

This unmanned ramen shop, Mocci Station, is an alliance between Acecock, an instant noodle manufacturer, and Microsoft Japan iRobot Japan. It is a store that applies Microsoft's cloud "Asure" and the latest vacuum cleaner of iRobot.

▲ The store will be open on the JR Shibuya Station / Yamanote Line outer platform from 14th to 28th

The store is composed of a shelf with instant noodles, a water heater and a table, and the pat is as simple as a convenience store eat-in. When you take out instant noodles from the shelf, the weight sensor of the weighing maker Ishida calculates the number and puts it over Suica to complete the settlement.

▲ Identify the number of instant noodles taken out of the shelf with the weight sensor

▲ Cashless payment is available only for Suica due to the location within the JR station.

Hot water is poured by the customer himself from the water heater. At the end of the pouring, the timer of “5 minutes of hot water”, which is measured exactly from that moment, is activated. There is a Qi [Qi] compatible wireless power supply area in the corner of the table, you can charge just by placing a compatible smartphone such as iPhone.

▲ Pour hot water yourself into cup noodles taken out of the shelf

engadget▲ The “hot water 5 minutes” timer is activated the moment you finish pouring hot water

▲ Robot vacuum cleaner wipes the desk after eating

engadget▲ You can charge your smartphone wirelessly [Qi] in one corner of the table

Isn't it easier to use a vending machine?

From this point on, I think it would be quicker to sell ramen using vending machines … but according to Microsoft Japan, which worked on the development of the store, this unmanned store is based on the latest technology. It is said that it is meaningful to have developed "low cost" and "short term" of one month.


Weight sensors to identify the number of instant noodles, cashless payment by Suica, robot vacuum cleaner, etc. are controlled collectively on Microsoft's cloud "Azure". This is based on the concept of Microsoft Japan's Smart Store solution for retail and retail businesses. It is said that this construction made use of the existing reference model and enabled rapid and low-cost development.

In addition, a camera installed in the store identifies the purchaser's gender and age, and can be used for marketing and product development. You can also perform an AB test that analyzes different products side by side. The strength of this solution is that it can be built in a short period of time and at low cost, from the unmanned store to data utilization.


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