V-cube and telework operation model guidelines released-introduction consultation window opened

イ V-cube has established a guideline that outlines the systems and operation models that are important when starting telework for companies and organizations that are working on the introduction of telework and improvement of the environment on February 12.Release. In addition, a telework introduction consultation counter has been established.

イ V-Cube offers a cloud-based web conferencing service called “V-CUBE Meeting”. The company says it has been working on teleworking since its founding in 1998. In recent years, many customers have consulted, "I want to work on telework, but I do not know how to actually proceed." "I want to know not only how to design systems but also how to design systems." It is said that.

Against the background of the increasing interest in teleworking by companies, the company has published guidelines for teleworking that the company is actually using, and has established a teleworking consultation desk. By sharing the experience and knowledge that the company has gained through teleworking, the company will support many companies in using telework.

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