V-League Men's Final Stage Finals are spectator matches

Volleyball V-League announced on June 26 that the men's final stage final between Panasonic and JTEKT [Gunma / Takasaki Arena], which will be held on September 29, will be a spectator game following the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

He followed the Prime Minister's policy calling for the suspension and postponement of large-scale sports and events. Almost 4,000 match tickets were already sold out, but we will refund the price and respond.

The schedule for the V-League this season has been significantly changed in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. The men's representative will visit the training camp next month and prepare for the finals. If the event is postponed, the future schedule will be affected. However, considering the sales of admission tickets, there was also a desire to hold it for fans who are waiting for the game. Decided a spectator match by a bitter measure. On the day of the event, events scheduled to be held before and after the game will be canceled except for some awards ceremonies.

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