V1 Himeji manager Yoshie Takeshita retires "has done 4 years"

Volleyball women's V-League Himeji announced on Tuesday that former Japanese national coach Yoshie Takeshita [42] has retired and has been appointed vice president of the baseball team. Hirota Nakatani, who was a coach, will be the new coach for the 20-21 season.

Manager Takeshita coached Himeji, who started up as the first female professional team in 2016, and moved up to the highest peak in Japan in three years, the V1 League. From FY2008, he will play a part in the promotion of management as a front desk.

Comments from director Takeshita and Masayoshi Manabe, the team owner, are as follows.

◆ Director Takeshita At the beginning of the coach's offer, there were no players, so I thought that it was my mission to bring the base to the stage where I can fight on the stage of the V1 league, so I feel great that I completed it for 4 years is.

I also experienced athlete training and sponsor sales as a professional team, and I was able to grow as a team and front desk, and I felt that I was able to spend irreplaceable time.

I want the players to be a fighting group without regrets, so I'd like to support the team from the front position.

◆ Director Manabe's baseball team owner Director Takeshita is grateful to have formed a team that can compete in the V1 league three years after the team was launched.

I feel her experience is a tradition, and I've been a good coach in communication with players and staff as well as broad-minded actions.

I would like to work on making volleyball a dreamy sport so that I can further enhance my team from the base she has built and produce athletes and staff to represent Japan.

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