V12 Ferrari that can be kept in the city center | One obedient like a trained dog?

This articleV12 Ferrari at affordable prices? Two thoroughbreds that can be kept in the city center]Is continued.

The idling sound of a giant mill is exciting by itself and seems to havetened to run fast. Covered at the base [many models have exposed gates] The levers are heavy but accurate and easily enter the slots. With a clutch that weighs just right, it starts running at a very low gear ratio. I was worried about the gearbox, which was still cold, but I didn't feel any resistance in the second gear.

The ZF's power steering conveys smooth and accurate information, while the all-wheel independent suspension is tightly controlled by Koni's dampers, and the rear has a self-leveling mechanism. The lovely Cromodora aluminum hall was combined with the classic Michelin XWX of 225/70 × 15, and thanks to it, the ride was smooth even on a road full of holes in London.

Needless to say, crowded Kensington is not a place for big classic GT cars, but the GTC / 4 is docile and walkable as if walking a trained dog. Not surprisingly, this car is a Ferrari Classice guaranteed contest delegation winner. I'm not a follower of Webber carburetors. This is because Webber is supposed to provide the best performance at full throttle, which is somewhat difficult to handle in the case of a road car, but the six carburetors of this car are smooth and responsive, V12 engine He perfectly controlled the creamy big torque of.

But that's not the case when you're running down the street forever. Go to the motorway and depress the 365GTC / 4 throttle pedal. Soon the thoroughbreds reveal their nature and grow endlessly. At the moment when Kanma lurking in the 4 cam V12 unit is released, you will realize that this is not a quiet practical unit. Rather, it is a high-performance unit that blows violently toward the 7000 rpm limit.

There's nothing like the ridiculous Ferrari V12 roaring at full power. The sounds coming out of the four tailpipes are just amazing. Quietness isn't exactly accurate, but wind noise isn't bothersome, and thanks to its high gear, you can use a lot of torque to reduce mechanical noise. GTC / 4 follows the corner of the motorway stably as if it had roots. Understeer is virtually unfeeling and, moreover, comfortable. As with any well-built car, the more you fly, the better it gets, and the huge disc brakes perform confidently.

The 365GTC / 4 has been hidden for a long time in the shadow of the more powerful 365GTB / 4 Daytona. However, it is a better car when used on real roads. It's more streamlined and more sophisticated, and can compete with Daytona outside of the fastest competition. However, the price is always about half that of Daytona, and it will not change. However, it is good news for those who want a high quality tourer.

GTC / 4 gives way to 365GT4 2 + 2 in 1972. It subsequently evolved to 400, further to 400i, and in 1985 to 412.

Next time we will report 412.

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