Valve removes Nazi Germany related names and wallpapers on Steam


Valve removes Nazi / German related names and wallpapers on Steam

by Caspar Camille Rubin

PC game platformSteamValve, who operated the company, has deleted accounts and communities that used Nazi Germany-related names and wallpapers in response to comments from German regulators.

German regulator prompts Valve crackdown on Steam Nazis |

Valve Removes Nazi Steam Profiles After German Complaints

December 9, 2019, is a German regulatorMA HSHAnnounced on the Valve Steam that there are Nazi Germany that violated German law and an account and community with the symbol of the far right. According to a MA HSH survey, there are multiple accounts on the Steam that have Nazi German symbols and slogans,Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrag(Youth Media Protection State Convention) is violated.

Specifically, the symbols and slogans that adhere to Nazi Germany are used in wallpaper and 30 user profiles that were used in 28 accounts, which are prohibited in Germany for non-educational purposes. It has become clear that it was. Specifically, “Führer (President Hitler) '' Holocaust (Holocaust) "Is used in your profile or account name,SDF troopsAndHarken KreuzThe image was used as wallpaper. MA HSH reports to Valve that the account and community are clearly violating the Youth Media Protection State Convention.

In response to MA HSH's indication, Valve removed the indicated account and community from Steam, with a few exceptions. It also promises to strengthen community moderator training so that content can be censored more accurately.

Steam is a very popular PC gaming platform,Official informationAccording to the article, 10 million users are online and 2.3 million are playing the game. However, Valve has been repeatedly criticized by multiple media for handling communities on Steam, and has revealed the sweetness of dealing with hate. The moderator team, consisting of 29 volunteers and 12 Valve employees as of 2017, is run by 21 volunteers and 13 employees at the time of writing.

MA HSH said, “Steam has so many choices that it is very popular with children and adolescents. However, the extreme right extremists have used these platforms to spread propaganda and become new advocates. I hope to keep Valve in good health in the future.

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