"Vanilla Soft Serve" will be discontinued on February 7 at "Komeda Coffee"! → I asked why / when it started again

Komeda coffee that everyone loves. The menus are all volumey, and the menus are bigger than the menus, and are called "reverse photo fraud". Signo's soft-serve ice cream, Silonoir, has a devil's taste and is one of the most distinctive stores in the chain.

There was a poster stuck at Komeda Coffee. "2020.2.7-""The offer of vanilla soft serve will be canceled."…… Really!

・ The reason for vanishing vanilla software at Komeda

Shironoir, cream coffee, coffee jelly … There are many products with soft ice cream toppings in Komeda, so if you take soft ice cream, it will be quite different!理由 The reason why such an important entity is discontinued is that

"Because a collaboration product with Godiva will appear"

It is.

From February 7, 2020, Komeda Coffee nationwide will display chocolate soft cream supervised by Godiva. During this period, sales of vanilla software will be discontinued, and eight kinds of products, including soft ice cream, will “godiva”.

By the way, "cream soda", "ice de tea float", "strawberry shake" will be discontinued without becoming Godiva.

・ How long is vanilla software suspended?

By the way, during the period, the product that changes from vanilla soft to chocolate soft is said to have the same price even if it is "Godiva". Komeda's quite hungry!

Still, it's a bit sad that vanilla softs are gone. So I asked the public relations about the resurrection time of vanilla software

"Because of the limited quantity, it can not be said on which day of the month it will end, but I think it will be around Valentine"

Vanilla squirrels will be parting for a short while, but it seems that they will resume in about a week at the longest. The author [Sawai], a vanilla fan, was relieved to say, "Is it a week or so?"

"The chocolate is also delicious, so please try it!"

Certainly, it is a chocolate software that is offered even after vanilla software, which is also used for signboard menus, is suspended. It can be expected that it is worthwhile. And things that will sell out early. If you want to taste Godiva x Komeda, you have to be early. Even if you can't wait for the rebirth of Vanilla Soft, wait for it to reappear while enjoying chocolate!

Reference links:Komeda's Coffee

Report:Sawai Meg

Photo: Komeda Coffee / Rocketnews24.

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