Various cars in life. A female owner and old beloved cars. <Summary of>

This article summarizes the articles about female owners and their beloved old cars, posted on

The story of each owner is divided into about 2-3 articles.
Link to Vol.1 at the beginning of each story.

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You can also access the full article list from the "Old cars loved by female owners" tag at the bottom of each page, including this article.

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Z31 inherited from "husband who can not ride because he likes too much [boyfriend at that time]"
Fairlady Z 200ZR-Ⅱ 2by2 Vol.1 loved by female owners

A Fellow who fell in love at first sight
Daihatsu Ferromax Vol.1 loved by female owners

Her car is a three-wheeled vehicle 40 years ago.
Female owner who loves to stay rusted Daihatsu Midget Mp5 Vol.1

"I'm freaking out when there is a strange sound!" I'm not familiar with old cars, but I fell in love at first sight and purchased immediately
Her B10 Sunny 1000 Vol.1

"It's a cute car anyway" I wanted to ride the first Bluebird
63 year Datsun Bluebird 1200 Deluxe Vol.1

In the room where the Z officials are lined up!
Fairlady Z Women's College! All Fairlady Z Meeting 2019 Vol.1

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