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Vegan and Halal compatible! "Shojin Cosmetics" is a natural cosmetic product with a lot of commitment that is both gentle on the skin and good coloring!

Rare domestic vegan and halal cosmetics!

I want to use cosmetics that are gentle on the skin as well as the environment and animals. The thing that grants such thoughts"Shinjin Cosmetics". Natural cosmetics made with the concept of vegetarian cuisine, 100% vegan and 100% halal compatible, so amazing! Minimizes the burden on the skin as much as possible, and contains plenty of beauty ingredients. It is said that good coloring is also realized. I tried a lot of discerning domestic new cosmetics at once!

New cosmetics with the concept of vegetarian cuisine! The commitment of vegan and halal is great because it's safe domestic!

We manufacture cosmetics at our own factory in Japan with the desire to "deliver Japanese quality cosmetics not only to Japan but also to the world"Reis Co., Ltd.(Minato-ku, Tokyo). Until now, it has been mainly OEMs that manufacture products of other brands. Utilizing its know-how, Wraith's own cosmetic brand released with full attention to ingredients and functions,"Shinjin Cosmetics"It is.

"Shojin Cosmetics" is a natural cosmetic that colors your skin and mind, born from the concept of vegetarian cuisine. 100% vegan (no animal-derived ingredients / NO animal experiments) & 100% halal (pig-free / alcohol-free) cosmetics that take full advantage of nature without using any animal products Expanding. Cosmetics with both vegan and halal products made in Japan are rare!

By the way, vegan-compatible cosmetics are products that do not contain any animal ingredients and that have passed conditions such as no animal testing in the manufacturing process. All vegetarian cosmetics are vegan-certified by the British “The Vegan Society”. Lack of animal testing is evidence of eco-friendly cosmetics that are friendly to animals and the environment.

In addition, Shojin Cosmetics is amazing because all products have received Halal certification that does not require strict checks. Halal certification is a guideline for a safe life for Muslims, and can be obtained only for products that are recognized as healthy, clean, safe and of high quality.

Under the concept of “from farm to fork”, it is thought that halal should be maintained not only from commodities but also from raw materials to distribution / manufacturing and the moment consumers consume, and manufacturing factories are also audited.

Gentle on the skin, good coloring, and comfortable use

Five types of products are available for Shojin Cosmetics. All are silicone-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free, while also minimizing the burden on the skin while maintaining good color development. It contains plenty of natural beauty ingredients to provide a comfortable feeling of use.

The lineup is as follows.

・ "Shinjin Cosmetics Lip Balm" (all 1 type, suggested retail price ¥ 1,000 excluding tax, on sale)

"Shinjin Cosmetics Lipstick" (all 5 colors, suggested retail price 1,800 yen excluding tax, on sale)

"Shinjin Cosme Lip Gloss" (5 colors in all, suggested retail price 1,500 yen excluding tax, on sale)

"Shinjin Cosmetics Teak Color" (3 colors, suggested retail price 1,500 yen excl. Tax, on sale)

"Shinjin Cosme Eye Shadow" (3 colors, suggested retail price, 2,000 yen excl. Tax, on sale)

This time, pick up lip gloss and teak from 5 products!

How do you feel and color? I tried makeup with gloss and teak!

Gross uses 01. The color is bluish berry red.

The texture is fresh and full of moisture! Yuzu peel oil is blended, so it has a faint smell of yuzu and is comfortable. I've seen lip balm with yuzu scent, but it's rare to say "with gross".

The tip of the tip is slanted considering the ease of application to the lips.

As you put it on your lips, you will feel a refreshing smell of yuzu and a smooth coat. The tip fits well and is easy to apply.

Very red color! Finished with glossy and feminine lips. For a refined impression because of a high-quality luster instead of a lustrous luster. It has no stickiness and is fresh and easy to use, even for those who are not good at gloss.

Then, cheek uses 02.

Convenient for carrying because of small size with brush!

The color is pale pink. The powder is fine and smooth.

When placed on the cheeks, it adheres softly to the skin. It is impressive that even a pale color develops in a small amount. The feel of the brush is gentle and comfortable.

The finish looks rather matte and fluffy. Baby pink that can add a natural rudder to the cheeks gives a pure and cute cheek.

Natural cosmetics had the prejudice that the coloring was not good, but when you actually use it, there is no need to worry! The color developed beautifully, and the beautiful color developed for a long time was kept. It is also rich in plant-derived beauty ingredients, so it's nice to feel light and comfortable without worrying about drying.

"Shojin Cosmetics" is recommended not only for those looking for vegan and halal cosmetics, but also for those with sensitive skin and those who want to enjoy makeup with cosmetics that are both gentle and functional.

Purchase is possible from Amazon's official shopping site.

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