Vice President Hideaki Takizawa “To Smile in Japan” Limited Unit Formed

A limited-time unit "Twenty ★ Twenty" was formed, in which 76 pairs of 15 talents from Johnny's office gathered, and Mr. Children Kazutoshi Sakurai [50] was found to sing the charity song "smile" written and composed on the 12th.

Part of Johnny's support activity "Smile Up! Project" for the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Twenty ★ Twenty was a unit proposal that Janie Kitagawa [87 years old], who died in July last year, was talking about many times in his life. Originally this year it was supposed to be formed at the Tokyo Olympics, but the holding has been postponed. The project itself was about to disappear, but it became a charity unit.

The commentary of the producer Johnny's Office Hideaki Takizawa [38] [full text] is as follows.

There was a magnificent project that Janny formed a limited-time unit Twenty ★ Twenty to hold the 2020 Tokyo Olympics before birth. However, the Tokyo Olympics were postponed to next year, and under these circumstances, the 2020 Twenty ★ Twenty Project and the group name were almost disappearing. This last group name left by Janny has changed the role, with the new thought that there should be something that can be done in this kind of situation now, but I hope that Twenty ★ Twenty, Janny's culmination will contribute to society.

We agreed with this project and asked Kazutoshi Sakurai, who is the first collaboration for Johnny's. I have a lot of experience in charity, so I hope everyone can enjoy the power of the song that Sakurai makes and the moment when the song of Twenty ★ Twenty brings this song to life.

For the sake of a smile that leads to a Japanese smile.

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