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Video camera pushed by action cam, can it regain its shine

Home camcorders, which are said to be a necessity of the family, are not selling easily, and action cams that were thought to be niche products have been selected for video shooting. BCN, a research company, released such interesting research data.

The video camera is pushed by the action cam

For home video cameras, horizontal-style products equipped with a 30 to 60x optical zoom lens and a liquid crystal panel with a rotating mechanism, represented by Sony's “Handycam”, have long been popular. In particular, the convenience of taking a close-up shot of a child at a distant place is supported, and sales tend to increase during the graduation / new entrance season in March and the athletic meet / excursion season in September every year.

  • Sony's “Handycam” has become synonymous with home video cameras. The struggle of handycam-style home video cameras has been conspicuous over the past couple of years.

However, according to the video camera sales data compiled by BCN, in 2019, the sales volume fell to around 50-60% three years ago [September 2016] except for the above-mentioned best selling period, and the market shrinks You can see that is clear.

  • Sales trend graph of the entire video camera. If you look at the red line graph, you can see that the number of units sold in September 2016 continues to drop significantly. The blue bar graph showing the year-on-year rate is still sinking negatively

The increase in the number of people who are satisfied with smartphones that have improved video performance and large-capacity memory is also seen as a major factor in the reduction of video cameras, but surprisingly demand for video shooting for action cams represented by “ GoPro '' [The BCN survey includes action cams in the genre of video cameras].

Demand for action cams tends to increase at certain times, such as April-May, when opportunities to go abroad, etc. increase, July-August, when marine sports flourish, and December, when winter sports flourish. During those times, the sales ratio of video cameras and action cams approached around 5: 4. However, the sales ratio has remained around 2: 1 at other times, indicating that many people are purchasing for everyday use. It can be said that it is no longer in line with the home video camera.

  • Sales ratio of home video camera [purple] and action cam [light blue]. Depending on the season, the sales ratio of action cams may exceed 40%. The gray "other" is expected to include new genre products such as DJI's "Osmo Pocket"

Action cams that break due to being able to shoot without worrying about some impact continue to evolve year by year, such as the advancement of camera shake compensation, the standard installation of the back LCD, and the ability to shoot underwater only with the main unit. New GoPro productGoPro Max”, An action cam that can be used as a 360-degree camera has also appeared. It seems that the younger generation also supported the enhancement of SNS-oriented functions such as automatically generating short movies that summarize highlight scenes.

  • GoPro's 360-degree camera “GoPro Max” with toughness comparable to action cams

Compared to action cams, home video cameras have not noticeably evolved over the last few years. In this situation, it may be a matter of time that the pronoun of the video camera is taken away by the action cam.

At the camera exhibition "CP + 2019" held in February this year, Canon is a video camera that can be used to optically switch between 100mm and 400mm super telephoto.Multifunctional Telephoto Camera”Prototypes were exhibited and attracted attention. There were various highlights that current video cameras do not have, such as compact and cute design that I can not imagine super telephoto shooting of 400 mm, convenience that can be used as monoculars without shooting, and expandability that can be connected to a smartphone . Although there are no plans for commercialization at the moment, I think we want the market to re-energize with the emergence of such innovative video cameras.

  • The innovative video camera “Multifunctional Telephoto Camera” that Canon exhibited at CP + in 2019. Gray EVF [Electronic Viewfinder] has a removable structure

  • If you look at the photos that people have in their hands, you can see that they are very small. It is attractive that you can enjoy 400mm super telephoto shooting at this size

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