"Virtual business card background generator" useful for self-introduction such as video conference

Kid's plate is a tool that allows you to easily create business card backgrounds on the web.Virtual business card background generatorWas released on May 2. By using it as a background image for online meetings, it can be used in a place to introduce yourself.

This is to create a conference background image by inputting necessary items on the web and uploading an arbitrary image. It can be downloaded. It also supports QR code generation for email addresses and SNS. When you enter the URL, the QR code automatically generated is printed on the business card image.

Virtual business card background generator creation screen image

Virtual business card background generator creation screen image

While the company's new Coronavirus brutalization is progressing with online meetings in corporate sales activities, each person is still in the business card exchange and self-introduction with the person who is "online for the first time" in business meetings etc. It is pointed out that there is a current situation where trial and error are repeated. Against this background, the company said it was developed to help activate communication with the person you meet for the first time online. The virtual business card background generator is said to have been developed by Nana Hyuga, a virtual employee of the company.

Nana Hyuga

Nana Hyuga

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