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"Vision-S" is a concept car showing sensors and infotainment technology that Sony can supply-Engadget Japan version

Sony brought the BES "Vision-S" equipped with a level 2 semi-automatic driving function to CES 2020, despite being an electronics manufacturer, to surprise the world. Although its appearance seems somewhat like Porsche's "Taycan", Tesla's "Model 3" style, or even Lucid Motors' "Air", Sony has become a complete car manufacturer with this prototype. You don't need to worry because you are not trying.

However, to develop this concept car, Sony has made an extraordinary effort to work with more than 10 companies. The Vision-S is a prototype and does not seem to have been built to run on today's public roads. However, there is no doubt that he has the ability to actually run, as he saw his self-propelled performance on the stage.

The reason Sony brought Vision-S to CES may be because of its excellent infotainment system and its willingness to engage closely with the automotive industry in the areas of autonomous driving, driver assistance and safety equipment. Hmm. Sony established an in-vehicle sensor department in 2015 and has been shipping parts to Denso and Bosch. Around the summer of 2019, it was reported that the company was focusing on hiring from automakers and major auto parts manufacturers called Tier 1.

From the driver's seat of Vision-S, the display spreads not only around the instrument panel but also to the left and right of the dashboard. There, entertainment information is displayed and various equipment can be operated. It supports touch operation, for example, it seems that it is possible to search and set the navigation map in the passenger seat and swipe to the driver's seat side and send it. In addition, passengers can enjoy music compatible with 360 Reality Audio with the speaker set embedded in each seat.

The appeal point is not only a technology that the general public can easily understand. Sony says that it produces various sensors for automobiles, and that a group of 33 sensors, including LiDAR, will work together. For example, the exterior section is equipped with sensors that detect road conditions, surrounding objects, and speed, and the interior section is equipped with a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor that tracks the movements of passengers and drivers' heads. The ToF sensor plays an important role in detecting whether the driver is sleeping or not, and also optimizes the above-mentioned audio effects for other passengers, and adjusts each seat height and foot space etc. The role of.

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Vision-S is said to be equipped with a level 2 semi-automatic driving function, and the computer can autonomously control the steering, acceleration and deceleration operations (the driver needs to hold the steering wheel in the driver's seat). And Sony is considering developing a higher level of autonomous driving function in the future.

The essence of a car is its driving performance and riding comfort, and the part of self-driving and in-car entertainment is just a so-called "side dish". Nevertheless, in the future, autonomous driving technology will evolve and penetrate the world, and even the vacant passengers will be required to expand the part of "side dishes". Sony's commitment to mobility was very serious, and that's why it was necessary to create a Vison-S.
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