Visit behind the scenes of Porsche manufacturing! Factory tour as a summer vacation program for children

The Porsche Museum, which celebrated its 9th anniversary, announced that it will hold a special program for children aged 5 to 13 this summer from August 3 to 24. It welcomes 50 children to the factory every day.

The factory tour project takes place in German and English, giving you up-to-date learning about Porsche's manufacturing process. At "Taikan Factory", we will introduce a new manufacturing hall for fully electric sports cars from a bird's eye view. Next, the children go behind the scenes where robots work in a 2×2 meter area to achieve carbon-neutral production. At the "Man and Machine" station, learn the roles of programmers and robots. Here, Porsche's original character Tina Turbo will assist the children.

A "Soap Factory" station is also available to prove that measures are being taken for both hygiene and problems. Here children can learn about hygiene principles through age-appropriate experiments and have the opportunity to make their own soap in the form of 911 and take it home. This will allow them to better understand the subject of hygiene through experience of play and sensation. "Soap Factory" is supported by Tina Turbo's friends Tom Targa and Sally Carrera.

For more information on Porsche 4kids, go to the official website.

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