Wada, Naoko Ken, etc. Painful / Summary of Shimura's mourning

A member of The Drifters and talent Ken Ken Shimura [real name, Yasunori Shimura = Shimura, Yasunori] died of pneumonia caused by coronavirus. 70 years old. The cause of death was pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus.

There were many mournings from the entertainment world and other fields.

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It's 8 o'clock at Drifters

List of articles

Ken Shimura dies Corona pneumonia 70 years old No chronic disease

Ken Shimura office "funeral service is only for relatives" / full text

Crow's own hand, many gags such as Ain / Mr. Shimura's biography

Beard Dance, Ain / Shimura's main characters and gags

Shimura's malaise on the 17th, hospitalization on the 20th … / His condition

Ken Shimura was scheduled to perform "Soul of Shimura" in August

Shimura's NHK morning drama "Ale" appearance scene to broadcast

Shimura's "Baka-dono" account flooded with writing

"Genius! Shimura Animal Garden" broadcast date unchanged

Emergency memorial program from NHK, March 30 at 23:50

Entertainment world

Akiko Wada "I believed that he would recover"

Ken Naoko upset "Ken-chan was useless [tears]"

Hideyuki Nakayama "Everything had a mastery"

Shinnosuke Ikehata "I lost an important person"

Kiyoshi Hikawa "I live forever in my heart"

Minayo Watanabe "It's still possible to take facts"

Ayakoji Sho says “Ken Shimura dislikes it”

Ayako Fuji "Illness laughs …" Friendship for many years

Midori Oka "Co-star is a dreamlike time"

LaSalle Ishii, right after the acclaim of Mr. Shimura acting as a railway worker …

YOSHKI "Sad news every day … spicy"

Hitoshi Matsumoto "Amazing Uncle" Atsushi Tamura "Encouragement"

Kuniko Yamada "sad farewell" Ruriko Kojima also mourns

Shimazaki Wakako "Shock" Co-starring with Fool

Laura "Sad … slow in heaven"

Drinking friend ATSUSHI "Laughter in Japan"

Haruna Kondo crying "Treasure that we can do together"

Taizo Harada “ very shocked '' local star mourning

Megumi Toshiaki, Shimura dies

Shimura's death

Teru says "I loved you"

DEEP's YUIHIRO "I don't want to believe it. It's a lie."

Shimura's sad news during the live broadcast of Koji Kato-an entertainer loved by the people

Nobuyoshi Kuwano "Principal! Lies …"

Other circles

Governor Koike "Re-respect for many achievements"

Takafumi Horie, "Let's learn from his death and refrain from contact with the outside world."

Badminton Okuhara hope also mourns Shimura "is not another person affair"

Higashimurayama City "Really disappointing" Shimura's torch runner does not come true

Contribution to Shimura's “Higashimurayama Ondo”, Mayor Higashimurayama “Sorry”

Japan's comedy king dies … Shimura's death

"Shock" "our hero" fans also mourn

In commemoration of Shimura's most recent Instagram comment: "A hole in my heart …"

Ken Shimura

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