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Waiting for Google ’s acquisition of Fitbit? US Department of Justice reports reporting investigation into violation of antitrust law-Engadget Japan edition

If Google acquires Fitbit, Google will receive more personal information, such as fitness and health-related data collected by Fitbit. As major IT companies such as Google are faced with harsh eyes due to privacy issues and antitrust violations, regulatory authorities seem to be sensitive to acquisitions involving sensitive information such as health data.

Also, immediately after the acquisition announcement, several civil and non-profit organizations said, “Google already has a dominant position in the digital market. Health data is important to the market and the acquisition has been approved. Have a wide range of impacts, including a dramatic drop in consumer privacy. "Statement requesting FTC not to approve acquisitionWas out.

In the announcement of the acquisition, Google said that Fitbit product data will not be used for Google advertising, and Fitbit's strong privacy and security guidelines remain unchanged.

In addition, it was revealed in November that Gogole had access to tens of millions of patient data as a project nightingale, although it was not illegal. It seems to become one.

Google would like to get Fitbit's technology to put on the Wear OS-related lever, but there are many obstacles to clear. I would like to keep an eye on the results.

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