Wantedly Releases "Pulse" Team Management Tool Utilizing Slack

Wantedly, which runs the business SNS "Wantedly", announced on June 2nd, "Team management tool"PulseWas announced. The alpha version was released on the same day. Targeting companies using Wantedly paid plans, the α version can be used at no additional cost. However, application is required for use.

Pulse is a new business in the engagement area of ​​the company and is the third one following the employee privilege service "Wantedly Perk" and the internal news function "Internal Story". A team management tool that enables value penetration and condition management for in-house members from Slack even in a telework environment. Offered on the Wantedly Slack App.

Mainly equipped with two functions. Regarding the condition management function, questions are sent once a week to employees to answer the condition in five levels. The administrator can check the condition trend of members on the management screen. You can get a chance to notice the changes in the team, such as which members are in good condition and which are in trouble.

Another value-based praise function is to add a hash message to the person who embodies the value with a hash tag of the value set for each company, and send a praise message. Aggregated into channels with the name of value. In addition, the number of praises sent and the number sent are aggregated on the management screen to visualize the penetration of value.

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