Warning "Don't get close" to the HISASHI traffic violation truck

HISASHI [47], a guitarist of rock band GLAY, encountered a truck that violated traffic and warned that a bee always hits and somebody gets hurt.

HISASHI updated Twitter on the 18th. “I ’m an Adachi truck… I ’ve entered the yellow lane innocently, and you ’re shameful for the time being,” revealing that I ’ve encountered a truck that violates a lane-changed road. Don't straddle, the bee will surely hit and somebody will get hurt … Never get close to me. "

The fans commented, “I was glad that HISASHI was safe for the time being,” “The bad driving hasn't decreased even though it has been reported,” “There are a lot of cars in the city at the end of the year. It was.

* Comments remain the original. “Large” is “Navikase”.

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