Waseda "Hasegawa" which is gutsy even at Kake soba 290 yen, the level where Shigenobu Okuma also makes a high touch with Yukichi Fukuzawa / Standing Eating Soba Wandering: 199th

Wander around various towns in search of a delicious soba shopStanding Eating Soba Wandering". It is the 199th. 200 more times at one store. Already insensitive. It is thanks to our readers that this is all going on. Thank you for always reading, and sometimes for tales.

Mania is a deep standing buckwheat industry. I'm continuing this series with the hope of being able to convey the goodness from an amateur's point of view, but I have found another good soba shop again. Sweet soup permeates. And in this ageI knew it for 290 yen.

・ Cool appearance

The shop is "Hasegawa" at Waseda Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line. Speaking of Waseda Station, so Waseda University! 『Hasegawa is located at the Okuma Memorial Auditorium along Waseda Street.

Acrylic eaves like a country barberHas a very cool appearance with the edges peeling off. To be honest, university students who are used to hair salons may be a bit courageous to enter. However, since I am an old man, I will enter without hesitation.

・ Kake soba 290 yen

The interior is refreshing with only an L-shaped standing counter. The current college students may be confused because they are gluttonous.Think of it as a standing party. By the way, since I was an old man, I did not hesitate to order "burdock Tensoba (400 yen including tax)".

400 yen when the McDonald's value set is more than 500 yen. Even if that alone, the current college students who are naturally accustomed to cafe rice may be surprised, but Kake soba is 290 yen.Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino Drinks 2 Meals.

・ Gentleman's business

Aside from that, the atmosphere is far from fashionable, and the current college students who go to the clubs every night may draw. However, the clerkAs if the SP escorts a beautiful woman, put a leek beside by a gentleman's handSo please be assured of Parisi.

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Full of green onions and happy C

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By the way, when the price is low, there may be many athletic college students who are worried about the quantity. Actually, I'm pretty gutsy near here.Wei な (^ O ^) /

Tempura is also fluffy eating Weiy (^ O ^) people (^ O ^) /

Ama Mei Yumo Body Deep Wayway \ (^ O ^) people (^ O ^) people (^ O ^) /

The only side is light,One of the best horses in TokyoI thought. Okuma Shigenobu also has a high-touch level with Yukichi Fukuzawa.

So at the noon I went, I saw men in suits and boys like school students. Even in the daytime, it is not crowded enough to be in a queue, it is not rattled so hard to enter, I think that a cozy atmosphere is just a secret. Wei \ (^ O ^) / which recommended that person who passed by the appearance try entering once

・ Information of stores introduced this time

Store nameHasegawa
Street address538538 Waseda Tsurumakicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
business hoursMon-Fri 7: 20-14: 00 / Sat 7: 20-13: 00
Regular holiday1st, 3rd, 5th, Saturday, public holiday, Sunday

Report: Standing criticSeiji Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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